About Us

Caterpillar Clubhouse was founded in 1990, by Wileen Richardson.  After 15 years of providing family child care at home, an opportunity presented itself and

Caterpillar Clubhouse became a great journey.

Caterpillar Clubhouse is a privately owned family business.  As a corporation it is not part of a chain or franchise.

Formed to meet the developmental needs of the children and to provide care, security, guidance, and love in an exciting environment, we pack each moment with learning opportunities, exploration, and fun.  You must be between the ages of 5 weeks and 12 years to join.

Services are designed to accommodate a variety of family needs at reasonable rates.  Full time and daily care is provided to infants, toddlers, pre-school, and pre-kindergarten.

Before and after school care is provided for school-age children.  Full-time care is provided for school-age, Winter and Spring breaks and other no-school days.  The Summer Camp program for the school-age children hopes to provide and reinforce the child’s social, emotional, intellectual and physical development.

In all of our programs, we strive to help children learn through play, implement developmentally appropriate practices, and provide unique opportunities in a homey atmosphere.  We provide a choice of activities, flexibility, provide success and satisfaction, develop important values, solve problems, respect diversity, express creativity and build self-esteem.  We stay busy and we have fun!

We all learn things differently.  Caterpillar Clubhouse has a theme based activity calendar each month.  Some children are visual learners.  Some learn better by listening while other have to handle something physically before we can understand it.  Therefore, we plan different activities and different themes and a variety of presentations.

Auditory learners learn best by listening – therefore we read and discuss theme related stories.  Visual learners, or children who learn best by looking, are drawn to color, shape and motion – therefore, we provide pictures, music, videos, coloring and painting.  Kinesthetic learners, or children who learn best by moving, and learn from touching and feeling things – therefore, they have the freedom to move and to move around from center activity to center activity.

And of course, children need to play!

In play, the child learns by:

- Use his changing body by testing and exercising his body, in play.

- Explore the world around him by handling, tasting, smelling, and observing, in play

- Grow in language by hearing language tied to his experience, in play.

- Organize his learning by acting things out, living things over, in play.

- Learn to work with others by sharing materials and people, in play.

- Think of himself as a capable person by being accepted; solving problems in his own way, in play.

Play – We call it learning!

Children call it fun!

Wileen Richardson, Director

Melissa Moore, Assistant Director